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Christian Divorce Support Online exists to help, encourage and equip Christians wrestling with separation, divorce and remarriage. It also offers a place for those who have gone before to reach back and lend a hand of encouragment to those coming behind. Each case is different but the pain, the grief and the difficulties are real. Strength, wisdom and perseverance comes from God and is very often distributed through his people as we love and support one another.

Still Praying

My ex-wife and I were married 27 years with 2 wonderful children. We've been active in church programs, teachers, missions, worship leaders, youth almost

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Prayers for my broken down marriage and family

My husband and I are divorcing. We have been married for 8 years. We have a son who has a liver disease and needs his parents. My husband is the one who

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Lost Friends and Family with Divorce

It was painful enough to end my marriage. I took time before I started sharing my divorce. I had moved 3 states away from my friends and my family. The

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God called me and not you and that sucks for you!

Three years ago my wife and I both Christians file a no fault divorce. Actually my wife did upon the actions her feeling God called her and not me. Yes

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Broken trust again!!!

10 years ago my wife was 7 months pregnant with our second child. At the time I discovered my wife had credit cards I did not know about. Once looking

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I'm Separated for one month and two weeks.

I did hurt my wife and she did likewise but not willing to forgive and restore peace.....even I'm humbling myself yet she is showing no sign to forgive

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How far do you go?

I married my husband almost 10 years ago. We married too fast and I should have known better. This was my second marriage and I had been divorced for 17

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Verbally abusive husband is divorcing me

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years and married for 1 year. My husband has changed so much because of a trauma he suffered and has never

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Wife is Lesbian

After 25 years of marriage my wife tells me she has been a lesbian all her life. She feels she cannot stay in a traditional marriage and no longer loves

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I Can't Live Without Him I Love Him.

I and my husband both did very wrong things. He was seeing other women and cheated on me a few times. I was on FB texted another guy he got angry and said

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Prayer for Family Rconciliation

My wife will finalize our divorce next month. We have been separated for two years. I admit it was deserved. I emotionally abused my wife and children

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Seperated and almost defeated

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We have seperated 4 times. It may seem too many but let me explain. We married and blended families.

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Marriage Restoration

Marriage restoration. My story is that my wife told me to leave because she felt I had verbally abused our children and I needed to 'get better'. I duly

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Pre-marital sex

I am not a person getting divorced but I found the articles on confession and letting go of sins very revealing and helpful. I am in college and gave in

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Separated after 25 years

My husband and I are separated after 25 years of marriage. It now seems after looking back at all of the events, love was never the issue on his end. He

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Separated 4th time in 17 years

Four separations in 17 years, 1st time 2 weeks, 2nd time one month, 3rd time 8 months now 4th time 1 year. He does not want counseling, says he has no

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Wife's Overpowering Need to Separate

Lord please help me and my precious family. My wife and I have been married 14 years. She had 2 sons from a previous marriage to whom I have been the father-figure

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No Respect

My husband of almost 14 years and I have 4 children together and I have really tried to make it work for their sake. Looking back, I honestly don't remember

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I don't know what I want

Hey everyone, I have been married to 8 years to my best friend. We had a wonderful friendship and at times a beautiful marriage. I have been struggle

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If you can

I'm trying to raise some funds to handle all the costs that come from divorce, and I'd appreciate any help anyone can give. The process was long (26 months)

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Husband filed for divorce, praying for reconciliation!!

My husband and I are high school sweethearts, we have been joined at the hip since just before our 15th birthdays. We were married at 19 and celebrated

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Separation for Perpetuity

My wife and I have been married for eight years. On April 18, 2014 (Good Friday), she suddenly left me. She doesn't want to communicate with me about

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I Pray for Wisdom and Strength...

I lack wisdom and need for God to just take control of my life. The woman I wanted to marry left me and let's be truthful I am drug user. I stopped but

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Being married but never lived together, sepration after one year and spouse married other what can I do?

We were in love for 9 years...but our family was not in agreement with our finally we had a civil marriage..but did not tell anyone in our

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Divorced in Sickness

My now ex-husband left me 1-1/2 years ago. He was cheating but still denies it and in fact tells family and friends I was, that I'm crazy, and a number

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I dont know what to do...

I have been with my wife 8 years. Married 7. We have 2 boys ages 6&3. I got injured in the army during the war and was in constant pain. The doctors put

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Keep Praying.

Im going through the same thing in my marriage My wife is a non Christian and she does not want to submit. But she wants me to stay with her. I want to

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What if I Don't Like my Husband?

It's not that I have fallen out of love. It's that I don't even LIKE him. We dated for such a short amount of time before we got married. We dated 2 months

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Marriage on brink of Separation/Divorce

We are in our second marriage, I have children from a previous marriage and my wife and I have 2 children together. We are in such a bad spot for the

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I Have Been with myHhusband for 3 Years,I Can't Be With Him Anymore

I have three kids with my husband and I have been with him for three years. I can't not take it anymore. He likes to hit and he is not nice to me. He

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