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Christian Divorce Support Online exists to help, encourage and equip Christians wrestling with separation, divorce and remarriage. It also offers a place for those who have gone before to reach back and lend a hand of encouragment to those coming behind. Each case is different but the pain, the grief and the difficulties are real. Strength, wisdom and perseverance comes from God and is very often distributed through his people as we love and support one another.

Need to Stop Loving

My husband wants a divorce. He says he doesn't love me anymore. We've tried to make it work but he says he can't see me as anything more than a good friend.

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Neon Sign by Wendy Lewis (Salisbury, N.B.) After the divorce I realized I had never asked God as to who I should marry. I was not a Christian then but

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Abandoned After just one Year of Marriage

Out the blue.... My husband has abandoned me after just one year of marriage. He changed his number and is living in a shelter. He won't respond to any

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Recovery Begins with the Cross and the Law

I love this story and for anyone living with guilt it shows how much Jesus truly loves us. As long as anyone remains under the law they will be judged

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Should I Continue Trying or Give Up

My wife and I have been married for 14 years and have a 10 year old daughter. There has been lots of arguments through the years mostly because of her

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Does God's Grace Excuse Divorce?

The Bible tells us, All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:23. The good news is there is no sin so big that God will not forgive

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God still Forgives and there is No Guilt

How much does God forgive? First of all, we all sin (Isaiah 53:6 “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way” and Romans

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All Sins Have Been Forgiven

Many people live in guilt. Many people feel that divorce will send them to hell or separate them from God. This is all lies from the devil. Let me back

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Listen only to the Lord

My story will be short. During my walk with Jesus I have learned to listen to Him. I have been disobedient to Him at times but the Spirit of God has brought

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There is Hope

I am here to encourage every woman that there is hope. Even when it looks grim there is hope. I have put on 30 years of marriage. I stop counting. Please

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I Want to Save my Marriage, Friendship, and Family

I found out in January my wife had been having an affair. It destroyed me all the way down to my soul. This is a girl I had loved for 10 years. We have

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Reconciliation prayer for my wife and I

My wife and I have been seperated now for going on three months. I found out she had an affair and it crushed me. We have three kids and I still love my

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My husband and I had a very difficult marriage. There was a lot of blaming and anger. We were both bad to each other. The last 2 yrs has been a battle

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Why After Divorce you Want them Back

Why is it after a divorce is final you have these feelings of wanting your ex spouse back even though they were not good for you, all kinds of abuse, and

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Unequally yoked and divorced from Iraqi Muslim husband

Been divorced 18 months now, struggling with obsession about my ex. We were married about 4.5 yrs. The entire time I knew him, since Nov 2004 in Baghdad

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Fighting for your Marriage?

I had tremendous stress in the marriage for years to the point that it started to affect my physical and emotional health. Then I heard that a church in

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God Does Provide

Throughout my years of financial struggles, God was always there for me. Some way and somehow He would provide. He knew my tears, felt my pain, and said,

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Married for 3 Years and Waited So Long to Get Married

I lived a very busy and involved life before I married at the age of 35. I was a strong independent woman who knew what she wanted. Then I was introduced

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The Guy Nobody Writes About

My wife left me about a year ago. She was the most wonderful woman I have ever met and had a heart of gold. She had 4 beautiful daughters ages 5-11 from

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Nicole Psenica's (Boldog) Betrayal

The most difficult part of our current separation and upcoming divorce has been the betrayal and lies that my wife has perpetuated. Yesterday I was talking

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Divorce and the Bible

Let me start by saying this section about divorce and whether it is a sin is exactly what I have been grappling with for the past 4 years. I divorced

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My Name Is Hope

The will of God. I have asked God on so many occasions to fulfill His will. It is so difficult not to super impose our will in place of our heavenly

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Alone Afraid and Confused

I was a widow after 25 yrs of marriage and 4 yrs after I thought I met the most beautiful guy. He showed me what I wanted in a relationship in the beginning.

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Want to save my marriage

I am currently separated. Have been for about 6 months. I now realize that my family is all that matters to me and want to try and save my marriage.

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Sin Through e-mail

Please pray for me. I sinned against God and my family as I had sent some e-mails to a woman I used to know. As my wife came upon them, she is now in

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Newly Separated from a Narcissitic Emotional Abuser

I have been separated for 3 weeks. I moved while he was at work and he never came looking for me. I tolerated his infidelity and verbal abuse but the last

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Abusive Unbelieving Husband

My husband and I have been married for 12 years. Throughout the twelve years of marriage my husband has been emotionally and financially abusive, and he

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There Are Always Signs ...

Last October, I would've been married 21 years, but my husband left me in August. It surprised and devastated me at first, but looking back, there were

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Please Pray for My Son And I

My husband came to me in Feb and told me he was leaving us. I found out later that it was for another woman. It broke me heart for me and my 4 yr son.

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Him or Me

I got divorced from my husband in May 2013 after 19 years. I never saw it coming. I cheated first. I will admit it. It was 15 years ago. He said he

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