Where Does a Christian Turn
for Divorce Support?

Separation, divorce and starting over can be confusing, emotionally draining and even intimidating if you do not have help and support.
The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. God created us
for fellowship and love. Christian Divorce Support Online seeks to be a conduit of God’s love and fellowship for people facing the disintegration of their marriage.

I myself was blessed to have participated in a Christian support group when my marriage ended. The love of God, the understanding and acceptance of the participants and their prayers were instrumental in helping me move on with my life.

I recognize that many do not have access to Christian divorce support groups in their area. This site offers a way to connect with and encourage God’s people around the world through the Internet.

What does Christian support look like?

It begins with God’s love. God’s love brings with it his mercy, grace and acceptance. There is no condemnation or declaration that anyone using this site has it all together and has all the answers but rather an acknowledgement that God does. The opportunity exists to explore and wrestle with the issues you are facing in the safety of a loving community that will pray for you. Friendship of other Christians who can identify with the pain and difficulties of a troubled or ending marriage can be found. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says “one standing alone can be quickly defeated but two or more can stand together and conquer.”

Support and guidance is provided to assist you in the process of making decisions, healing, recovering and avoiding mistakes others have made.

You will have a lot questions to grapple with:

• Can you save your marriage?
• What does the Bible say?
• Will God forgive you?
• How can you go on?
• Can you do it on your own or do you need a lawyer?
• How can you survive financially?
• How will this affect your children?
• Is there life after divorce?
• Is remarriage an option?

Where do you start?

God's Word offers guidance to help you survive this crisis in your life and to grow and thrive despite it. His Word offers wisdom for all areas of your life: your relationships, your finances, your emotions, your family, your present and your future.

The first question you need to ask is – “Can you save your marriage?” Maybe, with God’s help you will be able to restore your marriage.

Maybe you are beyond the possibility of repairing your marriage. You are trying deal with all the changes, hurts and disappointments. How do you pick up the pieces of your life?

Christian Divorce Support Online is here to walk beside you. God’s love can and will help you through this painful time, heal your broken heart, release you from anger and bitterness and hold you steadfast in the palm of his hand where joy and peace are offered for the road ahead.


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